Things You Should Know About Zinc Sulphate Powder

Posted by Admin on May, 30, 2020

Things You Should Know About Zinc Sulphate Powder

Zinc Sulphate is one of the commonly found inorganic chemicals that are used for the fulfillment of the zinc requirements in the body. This inorganic compound comes to the aid when one needs to supply the required animal feed. It can also be added to fertilizers, agricultural sprays, etc., to ensure that they have sufficient amount of zinc required for different purposes. One can easily find a number of zinc sulphate powder suppliers in India who can offer this product at a cost-effective price. You can also get a good quote from zinc sulphate powder supplier in Ahmedabad to get the highest grade powder. But before approaching any zinc sulphate powder supplier in Gujarat, here are some of the important things that you should certainly know.

What Is Zinc Sulphate?

Zinc sulphate is an inorganic compound and is also available in the market by the names of zinc sulphate monohydrate or hydrated zinc sulphate. This powder is usually used as a catalyst to speed up and ease various chemical reactions. However, nowadays, it finds its application mainly in the agricultural field as an animal feed ingredient.

Main Specifications To Look For

When buying zinc sulphate powder, there are a number of specifications that one must look out for in order to make the right purchase. If you are also looking out to the zinc sulphate powder suppliers in India, here are the specifications that you should definitely keep in mind.

Appearance: The appearance of the zinc sulphate powder, as anyone can guess by the name is powdered in its form only. This is a white colored powder that has its granules very coarsely separated. One can touch it to feel that each particle of this inorganic compound and feel the coarseness.

Boiling Point: The boiling point of zinc sulphate is also important to notice when buying it from the zinc sulphate powder supplier. The idle boiling point of zinc sulphate powder is around 740 °C.

Density: Density is the ratio of the weight of the product to the volume. The density of zinc sulphate should be calculated or asked from the zinc sulphate powder provider to know its precise proportions. If you are planning to buy it, you should ensure that it has a density of 3.54 g/cm3.

Solubility: The solubility of zinc sulphate powder is also something that one should check always and beforehand. Solubility is defined as the property of a compound to dissolve completely in any liquid. As zinc sulphate is solid powder, it is also supposed to be dissolved in a prticular solvent for use. Zinc sulphate powder is highly soluble in glycerol and methanol.

Color: The color of zinc sulphate is the first thing that you see when buying this powder. The color of zinc sulphate powder can vary from a very pure white to a slightly off-whitish look.

When you are planning to get zinc sulphate powder for any type of usage, these are some of the specifications that you can ask from the supplier or provider.

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