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The Uses And Peculiarities Of Zinc Powder

Posted by Admin on July, 09, 2019

Zinc powder can be defined as a blue-gray sort of pure metal powder, which is produced when the purified vapors of zinc get condensed. The major characteristic of zinc powder is a quick reaction, better yields, and unwavering quality. The powder is used for several different purposes in many fields. It is crucial to find more about the powder so that you can take maximum advantages of its applications and benefits.

Whether zinc is available in the powder form or any other form, it offers the users many benefits. Zinc powder is primarily used in galvanizing as an anti-corrosion element in the steel. It is also used in die casting of precision constituents, in manufacturing brass, in producing paints, in cosmetics and medicine industry, plants and in the form of micro-nutrients for animals and for humans as well.

Given below are some of the vital uses of the range offered by the zinc powder exporters Ahmedabad to several industries all over the globe:

Cosmetics industry: Zinc powder plays an important role in the cosmetic industry. The powder is found in several cosmetic products which may include talcum powder and face powders. There are basically two forms of zinc powder used in the cosmetic industry. The first one is zinc oxide which offers strong protection from the UVA rays, mask pores, and body marks. In the second form, it is used as zinc stearate. Here it offers sticking properties which enables the powder to stick to the user’s skin.

Paint industry: Zinc powder is widely used in the paint industry. When zinc rich paint is used on the steel surface, it offers strong protection from corrosion and rusting. The powder has many industrial uses. It can offer a long lasting coating for big structures which may include sea containers, marine components, and offshore oil rigs. Zinc-rich paint is also used on bridges.

Casting: As zinc is economical than copper, it is often used for manufacturing mixed metal alloys for foundries. Zinc alloys are frequently used for the purpose of permanent molds, casting dies, shell molds, etc. Since zinc powder offers great qualities which can effectively counter corrosion, it has many benefits in comparison to cast iron.

Batteries: Zinc powder offers the much-needed chemical energy in alkaline batteries for pushing electrical charges between the positive and negative terminuses. When the battery is used, the available zinc powder gets oxidized by burning itself. When only a small amount of zinc is left, the battery goes dead.

Rocket fuel: Hobbyists use zinc powder in the form of fuel for model rockets in the quantity of 2.04 part of zinc to one part of sulfur.

Safety tips

Zinc powder should be handled with care and the users must store it with adequate care as it is highly flammable. The users should store it in tightly sealed containers. It should be kept away from those substances with which it does not have compatibility. The substance with which zinc powder has no compatibility is water, acids, sulfur, heat, amines, and cadmium.

Therefore, we can conclude here that zinc plays an important role in various industries. If you want to buy zinc powder, you can purchase it from top zinc powder exporters in Gujarat.

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