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Specifications To Look In Zinc Sulphate Powder

Posted by Admin on May, 22, 2020

Zinc sulphate powder is one of the highly demanded products by people having zinc deficiency in their bodies. Zinc is one of the core minerals required by the body to perform a number of vital life functions. By including zinc sulphate powder as a supplement, one can fulfill the body’s requirement for zinc. There are a number of zinc sulphate powder exporter in Gujarat that can bring to you the best quality powder. In addition to that, the zinc sulphate powder exporter in Ahmedabad can also take care of your requirements and export the powder in bulk quantities at a cost-effective price. Here are some specifications you can look for in zinc sulphate powder in order to buy the best one.

Molar Mass

Before buying any type of chemical substance, it is important to check the molar mass of the substance. It is also known as the molecular weight of a substance. The ideal molar mass of zinc sulphate powder should be 161.47 grams per mole. While buying this powder from a zinc sulphate powder exporter or supplier, make sure that the packages they are sending to you have this molar mass printed on them.


The assay is the testing of the zinc sulphate powder to know its quality and the ingredients present in it. Not only does assaying determines the ingredients present in any metal or ore but the amount of that substance present in it as well. The assay of a good quality zinc sulphate powder comes out to be around 98%. One should always ensure that the assay of the zinc sulphate powder is the one described above so that they know that the amount of the substance present in the powder is right and adequate.


While the majority of the zinc sulphate powder exporters are offering zinc sulphate powder in white, off-white, or pale white color, there are some exporters out there who also offer this zinc sulphate powder in black color. You can check the color of the powder before buying to know the type that you want.

Water Solubility

The water solubility of the zinc sulphate powder is also important to check before buying it. This powder ensures that it is easily soluble in water. Many people check water solubility before buying the powder. The ideal water solubility of zinc sulphate powder is around 99.5%.

Long Shelf Life

The shelf life of the zinc sulphate powder should also be a thing to check while buying it from a supplier or exporter. The zinc sulphate powder needs to have a longer shelf life so that they can easily stay longer.

These are some of the specifications that one can look in zinc sulphate powder. One can look for these specifications in the powder to find the best of the powder for all uses.

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