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Properties And Industrial Applications Of Zinc Powder

Posted by Admin on May, 26, 2020

Zinc powder is a bluish-gray colored metal powder basically prepared by the condensation of purified zinc vapors. Major characteristic of zinc powder includes quick reaction time, enhanced yields as well as consistent quality. However, this powder has several usages in multiple fields. Moreover, in order to take the benefits from this powder, one must understand this metal clearly.

Properties of zinc powder:

• This powder is available in the form of bluish gray-colored powder.

• It doesn’t have a smell and is insoluble in water.

• It has a boiling point of 907 degrees Celsius or 1,665 degrees Fahrenheit.

• It has a melting point of 419 degrees Celsius or 786 degrees Fahrenheit.

• As it is highly flammable, hence, if not handled properly can cause immediate combustion.

• Under normal conditions, it is completely stable.

How to handle and store zinc powder

As the zinc powder is highly flammable, hence, needs to be handled properly and carefully. Its improper handling can lead to combustion. It is recommended to be stored in a tightly sealed container and must be kept away from the substances that are incompatible. The incompatible substances include sulfur, strong acids and bases, water, heat, chlorinated solvents, cadmium, and amines. Though it is sensitive to air, it can be stable in cool and dry places.

Applications of Zinc powder

Either in its powdered form or any other form, zinc has multiple applications. It can be used in galvanizing as an anti-corrosion substance in steel, in making paints, in making brass, in die casting of precision components, as micronutrients for animals and plants, in cosmetics as well as in medicine. However, different forms of zinc being used are zinc sulfide, zinc oxide, zinc chloride, zinc alloy, zinc phosphate, zinc carbonate, zinc chromate, etc. In order to get the best-in-class product at cost-effective rates, it is highly suggested to contact the wholesale zinc powder suppliers in India.

Use of zinc powder in the cosmetic industry

As per the zinc powder suppliers in Ahmedabad, this chemical is majorly found in cosmetic products which include talcum and face powders. Zinc oxide and zinc stearate are the two forms of zinc powder being used. Zinc oxide has the tendency to provide UVA protection and has the ability to suppress the blemishes as well as pores. The zinc stearate has the adhering property which allows the powder to get a stick on the face.

Zinc oxide is considered to be the main sunscreen ingredients in terms of providing protection against sunlight. It is being used in a wide range of cosmetics and baby products like makeups, baby lotions, soaps, and foot powders.

Apart from all these, it has also the tendency to heal rashes, burns, wounds, infections, and oiliness of skin as well as acne. It protects against UVA as well as UVB light and hence, is a non-toxic sunscreen to prevent irritation, a sign of photo-aging as well as burns.

India is a leading supplier of zinc powder. The manufacturing process is being carried put under hygienic condition. The zinc powder supplier in Gujarat makes sure that this product is being handled safely to avoid any hazardous incidence.

Thus, to conclude, zinc powder when used properly can provide ultimate benefits in several industrial purposes.

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